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Classic Herringbone Pet Bag


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Introducing the classic herringbone bag, a classic herringbone bag that has been steadily loved by Seoru. The timeless herringbone fabric and the brass snaps on the half cover embossed with the muse of Seoru make the classic herringbone bag feel the classic mood. The herringbone line is Seoru's signature line, and is recommended for those who want to feel a luxurious build that harmoniously matches various looks, and it is available in four colors (beige, yellow, sky blue, navy). Experience a fun outing with your children with the herringbone line in harmony with simple but stylish materials.

*Seoru's sling bag, which has been renewed since the 22f/w season, is made with soft reinforcing materials on all sides of the fabric that closely adheres to the guardian and the fabric of the four sides that wraps around the children. It can be used for a long time with the improved convenience of the guardian and the comfort of the children.

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