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Creme Snack Multipack


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  • Mix of chicken, tuna and krill for daily variety
  • Creamy fine consistency - perfect for picky velvet paws
  • Ideal for hand feeding - strengthens the bond between you and your cat

They are delicious, they are all three true heroes of acceptance and also incredibly creamy - our cream snacks together in a multi-pack, with which your velvet paw can feast on the different varieties. spurned food? Was yesterday!

The multipack contains our cream snacks in the varieties chicken, tuna and krill. All varieties are refined with taurine-containing scallops. Taurine is considered an essential amino acid for cats, which they cannot produce themselves and therefore have to obtain from the food.

Our cream snack is ideal as a topping on the wet or dry food of your velvet paw - thanks to its pleasantly soft consistency, it hardly has to do any convincing and thus increases food acceptance. Would you like to treat yourself to something healthy in between? You can also easily dose our cream snack with your finger.


6 * 15g

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