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Kitten Organic Goose Can


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What is inside?
91.8% organic goose, consisting of protein-rich meat and heart (also a muscle), carcass and neck as a source of calcium and liver for vitamin A. And as an extra energy boost for growing kittens, a little goose fat. In addition, valuable coconut flakes with saturated fatty acids and fiber to strengthen intestinal health. The menu is supplemented with brewer's yeast (for B vitamins), sunflower oil (for vitamin E), algae lime (for calcium), cod liver oil (for vitamin A) and kelp (for iodine). And as a little extra, a touch of catnip and flaxseed for good digestion.
Complete food for cats
Species-appropriate & needs-covering
Cats are pure carnivores and real gourmets at the same time. Therefore, our claim is: It has to be species-appropriate and only the best. Since the meat content of our cat menus is always very high (over 90%), kittens can also grow up well with these menus, only the feeding quantity should be right. Our kitten menu is suitable for the little rascals to give them an extra energy boost during the growth phase thanks to the high-fat goose fat. Each menu is rounded off individually with valuable nutrients from vegetables, a trace of additional fiber and organic oils.
Natural taurine comes, among other things, from the heart muscle. In order to cover the required need for taurine, cat menus will continue to be supplemented with taurine.

Net Weight 200g

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