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Pet Cooling Mat


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Our furry friends do not have sweat glands in their skin, so their body temperature is higher than that of humans, and it is difficult to regulate their body temperature.

The cooling principle of cold air circulation that absorbs heat from the body and makes it come out again lowers children's body temperature. It can quickly regulate body temperature in hot summer.

This cooling mat is made of high-quality Korea domestic refrigerant polymer gel. It also prevents the gel from being pushed to one side with a thick and uniform cushioning feel. Double high-frequency finishing treatment prevents refrigerant from coming out to ensure safe use. 

It can be used outdoors, such as camping or on the beach. It can be used in stroller, carrier, car sear, or anywhere you want:)

Storage Method

When not in use, dry it as much as possible and store it in a well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight. 

Stacked storage can cause mold, please be very careful.

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