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Royal Denim Stripped Harness Set


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Royal Denim Stripe Harness + Lead Line

This is a set product that includes a harness and lead line.
·Denim fabric sourced directly from England. 
· Made with limited edition fabric from a high-end fabric company in London, and produced in very small quantities.
·Inspired by the school uniforms of children at private schools in England, it is a harness designed to give off an elegant and casual feeling at the same time.
·Used subsidiary materials such as vintage gold rings to melt European sensibility. 
·Used Velcro, which is not irritating as much as possible even when it comes into contact with children's skin, rather than ordinary Velcro.It is a velcro that does not damage the fabric even if it touches the fabric and foreign substances do not get caught easily.

Lead line length: between 122cm ㅣ Error range: around 1cm 

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