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Simple Bear Harness


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Harness with anti-flip front hook.
You can usually walk with the loop on the back, and when training is needed, connect the leash to the front loop on the front.
You can turn your body in the direction of the guardian in a situation where you are ahead and out of control or rushing to other children.

It is easy to wear in a form that just puts the head in and fills the chest buckle,
It weighs about 45g based on size s, so it is sturdy and light, so children can use it without any burden.

All subsidiary materials are made in Korea, and all metal subsidiary materials are treated with 18k plating, so they are resistant to discoloration.

Since there are two rings, you can connect a leash and attach an LED and identification tag to the other ring :)



We recommend hand washing in cold water with a mild detergent.

Do not twist strongly or machine dry, lay it in the shade to dry naturally.
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