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Soft Curve Backpack


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The soft curve backpack is the first backpack of ba&ttang. It is a product that has been manufactured with long-term consideration, and is a good product for both dog owners and children to use comfortably.    

It's simple yet cute.    
Considering the fact that more men than women are looking for backpacks,
We have focused on designs that can be found comfortably by people of all ages and genders. And one of the biggest characteristics of the backpack is its lightness.  
Soft and light, yet sturdy design. 

We recommend that you lay it flat for in-flight use. In a cafe or restaurant, open the entire front. It is available in the form of a basket. It is comfortable for children to see.    
with both sides. One side of the window is high enough to sit and watch. One side of the open window is at a height that can be viewed while lying down, so  
children can use it comfortably according to their body type.

A special plate on the floor prevents sagging. The 5 studs on the bottom can protect it from contamination.    
Available in 4 colors: ivory, beige, charcoal, and brown


S- 32cm * 37cm * 17cm Weight 900g, for pets 1~2kg

M- 35cm * 40cm * 20cm Weight 1200g, for pets 2~5kg

L- 38cm * 43cm * 22cm Weight 1400g, for pets 5~7kg

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