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For Dog Freeze Dried Chicken Fillet

White Fox

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In the process of freeze-drying from the poultry farm, we are particular about not only the production area but also the freshness. In order to prevent oxidation, the time of contact with the air is shortened as much as possible and vacuum freeze-dried, so the taste of fresh meat is condensed as it is.

A whole chicken fillet of "Choshu Dori from Yamaguchi Prefecture" that was raised in addition to the feed was freeze-dried.

It is a delicious snack that is crispy as it is, but when it is rehydrated with hot water, it has a scent and texture that is comparable to freshly boiled chicken fillet!

It is easy to unravel by hand, so it is also recommended for senior cats and kittens with weak jaws.

Net Weight 165g

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