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Freeze-Dried Pig Ear Jumbo Size

Freezy Paws

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100% Human Grade.

Our Freeze-drying method has made all the difference when it comes to the Pig Ears. Unlike Air or dehydrated Pig Ears, our Freeze-dried Pig Ear doesn’t need artificial flavour enhancers leaving a greasy film or coating on the Pig Ear which can cause an upset tummy.

We apply freeze-drying process to lock in vital nutrients and remove moisture without cooking the product. This means the natural aromas are left intact for your pet’s sensory pleasure.  Pig Ears are a great source of hydroxyproline which is an essential in collagen and cartilage and helps support healthy joints.

These beauties are big and delicious without being brittle or needing to have a “greasy” coating to make them appealing.

Net Weight 130g (3 pcs)

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